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I was born at home in a small desert town in the mouth of a dead volcano. A town so inexplicably isolated they have a two-day holiday and parade celebrating a headless circus freak chicken (if you don’t believe me, the BBC wrote an article about Mike. There’s even a statue); And instead of looking it up on the internet, or even at the library, whenever someone found a weird bug they took it to The Bug Man to find out what it was and whether or not they needed to call an exterminator.

HouseCrest-Hufflepuff-largeThis is an unashamed nerd/geek zone! I love studying pretty much every type of science you could possibly list, especially genetics, biology & paleontology. Museums and libraries are some of my favorite places in the world.housecrest-pukwudgie-230 Some of my biggest artistic and written inspirations/influences probably include Tim BurtonHayao Miyazaki, Jim Henson, Laika, Doctor Seuss, Mark Crilley, Jason Brubaker, Tracy J. Butler, Colin Lawler & Joseph Grabowski, Steam Powered Giraffe and Lindsey Stirling (teach me your ways, great masters~).

I happen to have celiac, essential tremors, motor ataxia, stereo blindness, ADHD, OCD, and what feels like about a billion other disorders.ptk_logo_horiz I’m also an Aspie (high-functioning autistic, formerly called “Aspergers syndrome,” now in the annoyingly vague category of “ASD” or “autism spectrum disorders.” I hate that the words “syndrome” and “disorders” are even in there. I’m not sick, my brain is just wired differently. More on that on my “Autism/Aspergers: Different, Not ‘Defective’” page). I’ve worked hard all my life to overcome my difficulties, but I don’t deny they’re part of me.

intpBefore Community College of Aurora I was completely self-taught in the art department (pretty much been drawing every day of my entire life, haha), and I’m indescribably thankful I was schooled at home (not technically “homeschooled,” enrolled in a private school that allows home study; it’s two different laws in Colorado. CHEC Independent School) for the first two decades of my life! Otherwise, I’m most definitely sure I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t have been able to learn how to properly compensate for my disabilities or figure out that art and stories were good outlets; I would’ve fallen through the educational cracks due to my learning style; I wouldn’t have met any of my wonderful friends or my sweet fiancé; I wouldn’t be as close to my family as I am; and I would definitely be much more scarred.

Can’t even count how many times I was bullied for not being able to do/eat what the other kids did/ate, just at the playground, or by neighbor kids, or even in big so-called “church” youth groups. Can’t tell you how many so-called “doctors” and “therapists” have tried to convince me that all of my and my brothers’ disabilities are just nonexistent delusions caused by our parents not sending us to public school, tried to slander my parents’ names for schooling us at home, and on top of it all tried to stop us from getting proper help and force us to be/act “normal” (which, in multiple cases, also endangered our health and/or lives). I’m incredibly glad I didn’t also have to fight tooth and claw with teachers and peers every miserable day in public school like so many kids like me do!

Just because someone’s different/disabled, it doesn’t mean they’re not human! I can’t tell you how much it infuriates me every time I hear of kids nearly dying because their peers think their allergies and such are funny and decided to force-feed them something that’s poisonous to them (yes, it does happen). Or whenever I hear of so-called “professionals” going ahead and giving someone a wrong medication or any other wrong treatment that is universally known as dangerous for people in his/her situation because they, “as professionals” <coughlazyavariciousreptilescough>, want to get money without actually earning it by properly helping. Or whenever I hear a parent say, right in front of their poor kid(s), such things as “I can’t WAIT for school to start, I just want to get rid of him/her/them,” or “why can’t he/she/they just be normal?!” Is this some sort of sick “Lack-of-Heart-and/or-Brains” contest?!

I create art and write stories because it’s fun, I like making people smile (I intend to keep my art and stories a family-friendly zone – no nudity, no gore, no profanity – thank you), with my numerous disorders they’re the best ways I can properly and effectively express myself and I hope I can help people see that people with disabilities are people too; there IS hope for them; they, as humans, have the right to live their lives as much as anyone; and there’s all the more hope if someone’s willing to accept, love, help and advocate for them.

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